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About Me

Trey Walsh

Director. Filmmaker. Storyteller.Editor. Photographer. 
My name is Trey “Lonewolf” Walsh. I am the CEO and director of BlackWolf Artistry. I’m a recent graduate from George Brown College for Video Design and Production. I am also a graduate from David Suzuki Secondary school. While this was a Sports-driven school, my primary focus was the arts; more specifically, Drama and Film. During my time in David Suzuki, I won first place Brampton Rose theatre Award for “Best short film Trailer” at sixteen years old. My passion only grew from there. I specialize in editing, directing and writing. My dream to share stories and inspire to be create something greater than myself. Something that people can look up or inspire to. I believe that it can take one message to bring people together, so why not get lost in the visual story that BlackWolf can produce for you on screen. My team and I are always prepared and always ready. Welcome to BlackWolf Artistry!
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