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About Me

Valerie Cheng

Cinematographer. Storyteller. Photographer. 
My name is Valerie Cheng. I am the Co-Founder of BlackWolf Artistry which is a multi-disciplinary arts company specializing in storytelling through video and photography. I recently graduated from George Brown College where I studied Video Design & Production. At 6 years old, I began my passion for the arts and over the years gained experience working with all types of mediums professionally such as Film/TV (“Altar Boy” Feature Film, “The Sean Ward Show” Online Media),  Photography (“That's Amore Season One and Season Two” Online Media/TLN), & Visual Art. I strive to combine multiple art forms to create pieces of work that audiences can connect to and share a passion in. I hope to pursue in the film industry as a Director of Photography. I'm hoping that my team and I can create stories using visuals. 
Achilles' Heel
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